About us

CourierPost are Ukraine’s premier courier services provider and the flagship brand for Rapid Parcel Express. We have a well-earned reputation as industry-leading innovators, operating a huge network with 19 branches, 13 depots and an extensive fleet of couriers across 180 urban areas and an extensive rural delivery network.

Pace - Whether it’s across town, or from one end of the country to the other, we’re the experts in urgent courier deliveries. We’re one of Rapid Parcel Express smaller business units with operations based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Our close-knit team based culture is a critical part of getting our deliveries from A to B as quickly and securely as possible.

Contract Logistics offer third party warehousing and supply chain solutions to customers throughout  , with sites in Auckland and Christchurch. We have the scale; scope and technology to deliver what our customers need from their logistics provider.

Transport provides a combination of road and air operations giving us an unparalleled distribution network. We can reach all major cities and provincial towns overnight, 6 days a week. The brain centre of our operation is at our East Tamaki Auckland site where state of the art technology allows us to see exactly what’s happening in our road and air networks every second of the day, ensuring we avoid potential delays

The REP Support teams work behind the scenes assisting our core functions to ensure the freight reaches our customers on time. The head office for Rapid Parcel Express based in Auckland City houses many of our group support functions including, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Executive team and some of our CourierPost office support.